photographies (about)

n70.jpgThe 15 December 2006, i bought a cellular phone: Nokia N70. I was to buy a new motorbike, and if sometime and in any place i’ll have any problem, to use it in emergency way.

From that day to today, frequently I have used it to make photographies… More than for speak, like a diary and photo camera… With the family and friends, in the concerts, to remember something, at peculiar moments… And now when one year passed two three four and a half years passed, it has been happened that is good idea to show them to people… Mainly to portrayed ones, but also to the rest… If somebody wants to lose some minutes.

So, here you have the result to use the telephone like a photo camera.

You will see that many photos do not have good quality, but has deserved more to remember the moment that any other reason to discard it. The cellular phone like a photo camera can get a fast instant, moved, robbed, aloof moment, etc., and for that reason there aren’t great perfect photos, but souvenir photos. Photos of reference and memory.

And if the cellular continues working and capturing moments, they will be here (RSS) .

Mobile usage time: 2006/12/15 – 2011/06/15.